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Getting The Most From Your Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter

When you observe the following pointers when using your Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter you will certainly not merely have a very good booming veggie crop but you can help save yourself a lot of significant irritation. The tomato planter is a good investment if you want to have alot more plants with less room plus they function good simply just as they [are] however with just a few minor tweaks you will get a thriving harvest with a smaller amount of work.
Do you recognize which sorts of tomato plants flourish in the Topsy Turvy?
The first suggestion is to plant the right kind of tomato plants inside your upside down planter. During the time you opt for the species of tomato plant you want to grow it’s best to consider how big the tomatoes could possibly get. Little options and cherry tomatoes succeed the very best in the Topsy Turvy planter.
Even though any kind of tomato plant will work within the planter the little kinds perform far better as the heftier tomatoes can push the plant down and will bring about tension on the stem and root system. The larger plants will fair okay however the smaller variety of tomato you choose the greater the plant is going to fair.

Does The Size Of The Plant Really Make A Difference?

The 2nd guideline is picking the best sized seedling. The size of the seedling can make the difference between whether or not you’ve got a plant that thrives or a plant which dies. At the time you select your seedling make certain that it really is Six in. or smaller with a good healthy stem. In the event that it is any bigger, planting it upside down will certainly put to much strain on the stem and roots and your plant usually will not recover.

How To Properly Plant The Seedling

The 3rd point is about properly planting the seedling. Effectively planting the seedling will make your plant develop robust. When you are feeding your plant over the hole in the Topsy Turvy you will want to feed it through from the inside. The roots are the main part of the plant and this helps to safeguard the root base from getting broken.
In case you are having a difficult time getting the leaves through the hole without hurting them then put a plastic-type bag over the leaves and then feed it through. You’ll want to plant the stem 3/4’s of the way in the soil to provide your plant more support as it gets larger.
Although the topsy turvy is mainly used for tomatoes, it can also be a great help when growing strawberries in pots.

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