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Five Tips For Gardening in Containers

My spouse and myself came from different backgrounds still the two of us had the desire to have a small garden of our own at some point. Jen grew up in Campbellton, N.B. where they had a compact vegetable garden. I grew up on a farm in Ontario and had a vegetable garden larger than their yard.
Once we got hitched we rented a house, outside Moncton. It came with a lovely view of the river however the owners wouldn’t permit us to touch the property. The 2nd location was an apartment with only one small window which saw any light. Following that was a duplex but we only had a two ft. rectangle where Jennifer placed Petunias.
Without any place to cultivate a home garden we turned to using pots and planted our very first container herb garden in our kitchen. Eventually I transferred the plants outside still in pots for our very first outdoors container garden. I positioned the pots at the side of the house on the driveway was.
Small Home gardens appear to be showing up everywhere right now. I think most have been started in an endeavour to save on expenses.
I began container gardening a long time ago because it has been a desire I’ve had since I was a little guy growing up on a farm in central Ontario.

A Windowsill Makes A Great Location For Your Container Garden

An awesome hint initially: Your only requirement is natural light, vegetables find it difficult developing when lacking sunlight.
When I was in my 20’s I stayed and worked in Mississauga, ON. My place was on the 11th floor and appeared to be a rain forest with vines and plant life in every nook, but I didn’t get started growing veggies until eventually a handful of buddies taught me tips on how to cook.
That’s when I started our first herb container garden along the windowsill looking over our deck.
Later on We started growing tomato plants and even potatoes in containers, which i moved to the balcony when the weather conditions became warm enough.
Really, I planted potatoes on my balcony where they developed plenty of potatoes. They didn’t grow very large comparable to when I was a kid on the farm even so they without a doubt were delightful when boiled and eaten together with butter.
All that’s needed for the container garden is a container that has excellent drainage, soil, sunshine, water and time to grow.
I would recommend you start with a herb garden since they grow up pretty quickly and can keep on thriving while you cut-off herbs for use in cooking.
The windowsill seemed to be sort of narrow and crowded so my brother made a plant stand that allowed us to have just about three times the number of containers I had on the windowsill.
After we were married we moved into a duplex however we were not permitted to dig in the lawn. As a result we really basically had the driveway to grow the container garden.

Make Plans For An Natural Container Garden

Take action for yourself, your loved ones, your friends and for the planet, raised without chemicals only. It is really too convenient to use chemicals on your home gardens and then we pay for it, whether we’re informed of it or not. I can tell you that I’ve suffered my whole life having migraines caused by reactions to chemical compounds in and around me.
Note: Due to the fact we started getting specialized soap to clean veggies we buy I haven’t experienced a single migraine, well except the few times I consumed produce I assumed had been cleaned.

Reduce Dried Up Plants Simply By Having Pots Large Enough To Retain Water

I already mentioned my veggie garden pots not holding enough water for the day but thanks to a buddy that spotted our droopy potato plants we already have much better results growing veggies in pots.
Some of my buddies gave 3 good suggestions about using containers for gardening.
Helen’s Container Gardening Tip – The first thing he told me my pots weren’t big enough. Therefore to avoid becoming root bound as well as to overcome insufficient water use containers which are big enough to handle the task.
Betty’s Container Gardening Tip – Put a resorvoir of some sort placed under the planting containers to hold extra water when you’re out.
Down the road we found out ways to drip feed the container garden so they can last a few days without me watering them so often.
Roland’s Container Gardening Tip – Another neighbour said that using the drive would dry them out too fast if we used artificial grass underneath them they probably would not heat up through the day.
That’s another suggestion that did the trick. I touched the turf when you could potentially fry an egg on the drive yet it was still cool to touch.

Consider Elevating Your Containers Off Of The Ground

Even raising your containers an inch off the ground permits air flow this way they are not as likely to cook the roots.

Start with Cultivating A Herb Container Garden

I started growing herbs to add to meals a number of years back. It was actually quite simple so we have herbs all winter long. We keep a herb container garden during the summer so we can dry extra herbs for winter as well. We enjoy cooking with both fresh or dried herbs.
I’ve seen people put containers into tree stumps after they have cut them down. Some look really good while others just look like a stump with a potted plant sitting on top of it.
Pick up a container gardening book and you will find so many new things that will help you have the best container garden you can have.

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