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Can A Raised Vegetable Garden Save 90% Of Your Time?

A raised vegetable garden is not just a pretty ornament to make your garden look nice – they can produce an endless supply of healthy food with very little time. In this article I want to point out just how much time you save with a raised garden as opposed to traditional gardening techniques.
All the time I see gardeners planting long rows with a massive 3 foot gap between each row. However, this method requires far, far more time than necessary. Why? The answer is digging and weeding.
It’s not that most people are too lazy to tend to their gardens, but that they have so much going on in their lives already to have the time or energy for growing vegetables. Often it’s only when the kids have left home that parents finally have the time to grow vegetables – which is a shame as there is a fantastic short cut to all this hard work, raised bed gardens.
So why isn’t there a raised vegetable garden in every backyard? Because of tradition. It’s the way it’s always been done, and not many people know the secrets of raised beds.
Planting in lines has been done for generations and generations, going right back to the agricultural revolution. This layout was first conceived to allow ploughs to be dragged over fields, and a scaled down version was adopted by gardeners. The problem is that for small spaces, this is really not that efficient in terms of both the space usage and the amount of time needed to prepare and maintain the garden.
Digging of the soil is a job that puts millions off growing their own vegetables in their home. As if that weren’t reason enough, there’s also the exhausting weeding too. But with a raised vegetable garden, you can avoid these problems completely because the plants are so tightly packed that the weeds are shaded out.
As there aren’t any pathways in between the rows, you can fit around 4 times as many crops per square foot on average. This means you can have a much more compact growing area, leaving space for sheds, patios, etc.
There are other advantages of raised vegetable gardens such as needing 80% less water, and being able to grow on bad soil, or any surface for that matter. Yet, the best reason for making a raised bed is the amount of time it saves. I am not kidding when I say that you can save 90% your time spent gardening. Instead or an hour a day – you only need to spend a few minutes a day.

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